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Our Services

Cost Analysis

brochure sampleOur number one goal is to save you money on your printing. To accomplish this, we look at each job to determine the most cost-effective way to produce it. We have saved our customers money (see the testimonials) and we KNOW that can do the same for you.

Take the Pizza Hut Challenge. Fax us the invoice from your last printing job (our fax number: 609-978-7645). If we cannot reduce your printing cost by 10%, we will buy you a large cheese pizza at Pizza Hut (Good up to $15) or your favorite pizza spot.

Design Service

sample book cover designDesign counts when it comes to saving money on production and selling your produce. We design to save and sell.

We are fortunate enough to have one of the industry‚s best, most versatile and experienced book and catalog designers on staff. He can work from manuscript or nearly any extant software/hardware combination. He has been tested by ancient computer programs from isolated locations from around the globe and he has always triumphed. He excels in text and cover design for both paperback and case bound books, catalogs, brochures and newsletters. In addition, he possesses a rare gift, he can „listenš to you and transform your ideas into highly readable and attractive printed pages.

See samples of his work.

Printing Production

Complete printing and production services for all your publishing and printing needs.

Other Services

Proofreading and copy editing services are also available at reasonable prices.

International Standard Book Number; Library of Congress, copyright and bar code assistance.

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